Essetre was founded in 1979 in Thiene, and well-known on the Italian and foreign market, highly qualified for its specific design and manufacture of multi-purpose working centers for the processing of wood, plastic and light alloys. The working centers, studied with advanced technologies, structures and soft wares, meet the requirements of numerous production fields from furniture industries to building industry. And it also meets the craftsman as well as the big company with single or in-line machines completely automatic which guarantee flexibility, highest quality and productivity.

TECHNO WALL is a CNC controlled, patented woodworking center for panel processing. It can process wall panels in widths of 3000 to 8000 mm wide, thickness up to 400 mm and, because of its modular structure, unlimited length. What makes this machine unique is a patented tool holder of exchangeable tools with a permanent saw blade of diameter up to 1000 mm and a 5-axis tool changer that can host large-dimension tools for processing just about any material.

TECHNO PF is a CNC controlled for beam processing.
It enable to work on 5 sides of the timber, without turning, or automatically turn timber to work on the opposite side. Choose a single or double tool head, each with independent axis to a total of 20 different tools. The in- and out-feed sections can be extended by a slide-out section to fit virtually any length of timber.

Software correspond with BTL format according to ISO standard.
This is why machine compatible with various software because of this common interface. Original CAM software TECHNO ESSETRE enable to use a lot of function, nesting, automatic tool select, graphic simulation…and so on.