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We are engineers to adopt machines with wood.

There was a first opportunity to inspect a foreign sawmill in March 1991, when I have been with Hiroishi for 5 years. A scale of productivity is quite massive, and I was deeply shocked, as if their production speed seemed like rapid-traverse VTR, as if our technology we had and we knew was like negated.

After that, through continuously inspected foreign sawmill, glulam and CLT facility in Europe, we had got agency agreement with Mixon, who is automatic glue mixing machine for glulam, in Sweden in June 2000. This is our turning point when we had principally started imported machine business in Japan. We have successfully introduced and expanded Mixon sales steadily, and nowadays made sales performance Linck in Germany(Sawmill), Ledinek in Slovenia(Glulam and CLT), and Essetre in Italy(CNC machine).

Only one thing the reason why we continue to introduce European machine technology to Japan. According to the IMF statistics 2018, GDP of one of the major wood producer countries is app.$40,000/person, and it is $38,499/person in Japan. Japan is almost equivalent income levels with them, it means productivity must be same or more over to be an even. However, it is half or less than 1/10 capacity of productivity at present. This is my secure belief and I had never change my mind since when I have visited in 1991. Actually, Linck sawmill works as over 100 m3 /person, and Ledinek Finger Jointing machine works as 37,000 m /1 shift in Japan.

I believe that, introducing thus high performance and innovative machine is our given mission.

Managing DirectorHideaki Ishimoto
Managing Director Hideaki Ishimoto

Our job

About us

Name Hiroishi Corporation
Address 8-9-43 Shokocenter Nishiku Hiroshima 733-0833 Japan
Tel +81-82-277-5775
Fax +81-82-278-3143
Founding May 15, 1959
Managing Director Hideaki Ishimoto
Capital JPY30,000,000
Employees 13
Business parter Mixon(Sweden), Linck(German), Ledinek(Slovenia), Essetre(Italy)


on 15 May, 1959 Established by Shosou Ishimoto, as a sales of chain-saw in Hiroshima city Minamitakeya
Initial capital JPY1,000,000
in 1962 Increased the capital JPY2,000,000
in 1966 Established Yoshijima factory
in 1968 Established Eba factory
in 1972 Established Onomichi office
Increased the capital JPY10,000,000
in 1978 Moved office and factory to Shokocenter
Increased the capital JPY30,000,000
in 2000 Hideaki Ishimoto assumed the position of Managing director

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8-9-43 Shokocenter Nishiku Hiroshima 733-0833 Japan
Tel:+81-82-277-5775 Fax:+81-82-278-3143